Tobacco Unmasked (TU) Information Portal

Tobacco Unmasked ( is the information portal of the Centre for Combating Tobacco (CCT). It contains evidence based information on the tobacco industry, with detailed profiles of tobacco companies relevant to Sri Lanka and their employees. The pages of this website also contain profiles of tobacco industry allies; institutions and individuals linked with the industry in various ways. describes strategies adopted by the tobacco industry in the themes of influencing policy, tobacco tax & price related issues, corporate social investments, tobacco cultivation and marketing and promotion. Tobacco industry arguments and their responses against different policy processes are reported as a learning exercise for future reference.



TU Archive

Digital library /online database which has archived documents/ audios/ videos and other material relevant for tobacco control and industry interference.



Tobacco Unmasked TU Hotspots App.

Tobacco Unmasked (TU) HotSpots App. is a mobile (Android and Apple) application to monitor Tobacco Industry Interference (TII). Activists, Government officials and other stakeholders in tobacco control and general public encouraged to use this app to identify and report TII.


Tobacco Unmasked TU Hotspots Map

Tobacco Unmasked (TU) HotSpots Map is a user-friendly interactive map of Sri Lanka, marked by GIS-based spots (HotSpots) of instances of Tobacco Industry Interference (TII), fed by the users of the TU HotSpots App (see below). This map enables the stakeholders in tobacco control to identify geographical ‘hot spots’ of TII and take timely action, including advocating for better policies or to drive community empowerment projects in tobacco control.