Legal actions to be taken for the ones who promote cannabis in social media – Sri Lankan Prime Minister

8th October 2020

Yesterday (7th October 2020), at the parliament sessions of Sri Lanka, Member of the Parliament, Mr. Buddika Pathirana, questioned the Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, about his stand on the recently uprising promotion of cannabis in social media within Sri Lanka.

“If a minister of the government, gives any statement about Cannabis, the society consider those statements as government standpoints on this matter. We believe it would be greatly beneficial, if these kinds of statements to be prohibited as a collective decision, until a detailed study is done on this matter. Do you agree with that?”

The PM gave a detailed response to the question asked, and the summary of his statement can be mentioned as this:

“Tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs have become a global pandemic. However, it seems that today’s society is drifting away from smoking, as they have understood its health and economical impact. For this, we are thankful to the effort of National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol and other contributors.

However, as of late, it has been observed that some people including professionals, are trying to promote positive ideas about cannabis use, via social media and the internet. As some institutes have asked the permission to cultivate cannabis to use in their medical productions, a group of scholars has already been appointed by the government, to provide an analysis on cannabis cultivation in Sri Lanka, and its impact on the country. However, in the meantime, the necessary measures have been taken to further educate the society on the harmful effects of cannabis. And we hope to take legal actions to those who promote cannabis use in social media and internet.”


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