A New Initiative to Celebrate ‘TobaccoUnmasked’ Birthday

TobaccoUnmasked (TU); the official information portal of the Centre for Combating Tobacco (CCT) based on a media wiki platform, celebrated its 5th anniversary on 7th July. TobaccoUnmasked contains peer-reviewed and evidence based information on the tobacco industry activities and interferences in Sri Lanka. It was ceremonially launched by Professor Lakshman Dissanayaka, then Vice-Chancellor of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka on 7th July 2017.
Celebrating the 5th anniversary, we launched a new page publishing the monthly summary of reported incidents of Tobacco Industry Interference in Sri Lanka. This page will feature the cannabis industry activities and interference as well when relevant, as the cannabis industry is heavily infiltrated by the tobacco industry at present. This special page titled “Summary of Tobacco Industry Interference in Sri Lanka” was launched on 7th July 2022 and will be updated monthly till the next anniversary. You can access this page via Summary of Tobacco Industry Interference in Sri Lanka .