Lecture Discussion on the influence of Tobacco industry in health sector, Sri Lanka

A lecture discussion on “ Is the Tobacco industry as bad as the cigarettes they sell?” was conducted by  The Centre for Combating  Tobacco (CCT), Faculty of Medicine (FOM), University of Colombo, on Thursday 23rd February 2017 from 12.15 pm- 1.15 pm at the Faculty board room.

CCT is a newly established centre at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, to monitor activities of the tobacco industry in Sri Lanka and the region. A brief description to the CCT and its’ research projects was given by the director at CCT, Dr. Mahesh Rajasuriya.

The lecture and discussion was conducted by Dr.  Sajeeva Ranaweera from Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) – Expert Committee on Tobacco and illicit drugs. The lecture was basically on ‘why the Tobacco industry is interested in doctors and what they do.  Dr. Ranaweera explored how big Tobacco tries to influence doctors and how it collects information about doctors all over the world including Sri Lanka, even about the faculty of Medicine, Colombo. The influence of the industry at political, economic, social, and personal (individual) levels was explained at the speech.  The lecture was followed by a question and answer session.

Prof. Jennifer Perera, Dean, FOM Colombo as chief guest, and academic staff members and medical students from the FOM, Colombo actively participated in this event.