Tobacco Industry Country Profile – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean with a population of 20.7 million. A country with a predominantly rural population distribution (81.5%), the average Life Expectancy at Birth is 75.3 years. With a literacy rate of 91% and universal free health and education, the country reports a Human Development Index of 0.78. It is a Lower Middle Income Country with a GDP Per Capita of USD 3,946.592. [Read more]

British American Tobacco (BAT)

Some sections of this page was adopted from the British American Tobacco (BAT) page of British American Tobacco (BAT) was established in 1902 by merging the UK’s Imperial Tobacco and the US’s American Tobacco companies. Headquartered in London, its business includes Australasia, Africa, Europe and America. In its Business company profile 2017, BAT claimed it sold 300 tobacco brands in 180 markets and had a 15% share in the global market. [Read more]

Tobacco and 2019 Presidential Election Candidates in Sri Lanka

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka has a population of 20.1 million and is governed by a President with executive powers (Image 1). The 8th Presidential Election of Sri Lanka was held on 17th November 2019 to elect the 7th Executive President. Nominations of 35 candidates were accepted by the Election Commission for the election. Of the approximate total of the 16 million eligible voters, 83.7% cast their vote, of which, the valid vote percentage was 82.9%. [Read more]

Hemal Ranasinghe

Hemal Sachindra Ranasinghe is a Sri Lankan actor, model, dancer and a media presenter. Born on 25th August 1984 in Matale, Sri Lanka, he was a student at St. Thomas College, Matale. His father was an Ayurvedic medical practitioner. He has an employment history in John Keells Holdings (JKH), Sri Lanka. Hemal received the award for ‘Most Popular Actor’ in two national level film award ceremonies: Derana Film Awards (2016 and 2018) and Hiru Golden Film Awards (2016). [Read more]